Floor and Roof Trusses

At Deal's Metal and Components, we make customer satisfaction our main goal, as we manufacture trusses with you in mind! You'll see our trusses are designed to last and easy to install! Whether you live in Statesville, Kannapolis, Mooresville, Salisbury, Winston-Salem or Charlotte, NC region, Deal's Metal and Components is your 1 stop shop for your building needs.

Free quotes

Direct delivery to jobsite

Simpson and USP hangers

Min. 20 gauge to max. 16 gauge plates

We list all pages of plans provided for quotes on our proposals and contracts

All trusses over 40' are a min. of a 2x6 bottom cord

No Piggyback Trusses, unless trusses exceed 12' in height

All trusses on Placement Plans are labeled

Sealed Engineered drawings are provided if requested!

Truss width of 78' (wall to wall) is our maximum capability for now!

Truss Services

We will custom design floor and roof trusses to fit your structure. We prefer a proper set of plans to work from, however we can design trusses based off your layout description. We work very closely with you to ensure the trusses are designed in the manner in which you want. We can create an I-Joists system layout and provide an estimate for an I-Joists floor system and can spec LVL beams for garage door headers and other openings where required. Direct delivery to your job site is included with most packages. Deal's Metal utilizes modern delivery vehicles specially designed for truss delivery and our professional truck drivers will work with you to place the trusses where you want on the site.

Truss Order Form

Fill out the necessary form and fax to: 704-873-9302 or email to: info@statesvilletruss.co

Truss Match Form

Types of Trusses

MiTek Sapphire Viewer

MiTek Sapphire Viewer

SAPPHIRE™ Viewer is a free, new tool for you to share with your customers to view your 3-D models and collaborate with you.

With SAPPHIRE™ Viewer, your customers can review models in Plan and 3-D views, view elevation drawings, isolate items to view in the model, print layouts and more!

PC & Windows based tablets can download here. To download for your iPhone or iPad, click here.

For more information, download files below or visit MiTek online!

In-stock Trusses for Sale in Statesville, NC

(Inventory subject to change)

24' span, 4/12 pitch, 1' overhang are available for pick-up at any time! Our stock trusses are available in regular and gables!