Add to your existing building with one of our lean to kits, or get a quote on our post frame building kits!

Consult with one of our designers to get the materials necessary to accommodate the size building you desire. Our kits come with eave and gable posts (eave posts set 8' on-center, gable posts can span up to 14' on-center), truss headers, skirt boards, wall purlins and girts (4' on-center) roof purlins (2' on-center), personnel door(s) and framing for doors.

Deal's Metal also provides the metal roofing and siding panels, along with the necessary trim pieces and fasteners needed to complete the job!

PLEASE NOTE: Garage doors, windows and concrete NOT included in our kits.

All sizes available (increments of 8' is recommended when determining your eave length. This will give you the most bang for your buck).

Ask about our preferred contractors for your assembly!

​Strong, durable and maintenance free

Materials Made in USA

Why a Post Frame Building?

Why a Post Frame Building?

Pole barns have always been popular because of their inexpensive construction. Whether you're looking for storage for your farm equipment or some extra space for a growing business.

Our experts have years of experience designing post frame buildings for your Statesville, Mocksville, Winston-Salem, Kannapolis and Charlotte, NC properties!

Looking for metal buildings, customized just for you? We help plan your building - whether you call it a metal barn, steel garage or a pole barn.

Farm, Ranch & Agricultural Buildings

Machine Sheds / Shops

Cold Storage

Lined & Insulated Buildings

Livestock Buildings / Shelters

Hay and Grain Storage

Pole Buildings

Hobby Buildings / Shops



Personal Storage

Storage Buildings

Agriculture Pole Barns

Give you the extra space you need to store equipment, tools, feed, and anything else you want to attractively stash out of sight. These versatile pole barns help keep your equipment safe from the elements. Agricultural pole barns are one of the most inexpensive, yet versatile structures out there. With it's sturdy structure, from post to framing, these pole barns will last a lifetime.

Wooden Pole Sheds

Are the simple way to provide you with the shelter you need for vehicle storage, picnic areas, and gathering areas. Wooden sheds help to keep your vehicle out of the worst elements or they help your gatherings stay cool and dry when the weather doesn't cooperate. They're wonderful additions to playgrounds, picnic areas, church grounds, and homes in need of a carport.

Metal Storage Pole Sheds

Offer you the secure storage protection you need to care for your equipment, vehicles, and other items, yet still need to have easy access to. They also protect your gear from the elements, which can help them last longer and stay in better operating condition. Metal storage sheds are ideal for car enthusiasts, agricultural use, and city maintenance crews.

Residential Pole Building

Construction packages with materials are what you need to get the job done. These are great for additional storage space or a second garage.

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